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      Hi Sam – 50 years old, healthy, been working out about 2 years, looking to enhance strength/physique. Might you recommend Rad140 powder from Purerawz (1000mg), say 20mg a day as a starting point? I have never taken anything before, and am interested in a decent starting place.

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      steffon Dalberg

      HI Sam Do you cycle RAD 140 with a trt routine or stay on it? About what dose would you say is good to start?

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        Sam Ridgeway

        You definitely want to cycle RAD. 20 mg / day is a good start.

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      andy smith

      I’m 45 and been training for 10+ years. I’ve only ever been natural until 1 year ago when I discovered sarms.
      I only do heavy weight training with the goal of getting as big and shredded as possible.

      I am 2 weeks in on rad-140. I have notices these main changes.
      – amazing deep sleep
      – general feeling a happiness and in a good mood all the time!
      – lost about 2% body fat (gone from 18% to 16%)
      – all my weights at the gym are up 10%
      I’m taking 15mg a day and plan on doing 4 more weeks (6 week total). I got mine from proven peptides.

      good luck with your research. Remember – you have to good sleep, food and training – in that order to take advantage of the benefits of sarms.

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      hey so I got my Rad140 powder (1000mg) from PUreRawz – in retrospect I should have gotten tablets or liquid, but how the heck should I use the powder? DO I need to add it to some sort of liquid? If so waht kind?

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        Watch this video. You can also look up SARM solubility. Everclear is a popular solvent if you don’t have DMSO.

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        Andy Smith

        Hi Rick

        This is what I do. I just ordered these little 10mg spoons from Amazon and I drop a level spoon on my tongue and drink some water after.
        Most SARMS have no taste to it’s really easy.
        MK-677 tastes terrible :0


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      Andy Smith
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      Andy Smith

      Up date on my RAD-140 cycle.
      I just finished week 3 still doing 15mg a day. I’m also taking MK-677 20mg a day.
      I’m the strongest I been in years. I’ve put on 4 lb but looking much leaner so I’m gonna say it’s 4 lb of muscle 😉

      I had my blood work done and for years I’ve averaged 560 with my last blood work 6 months ago showing total T of 556.
      My test done yesterday says total T level is 170 !! So Rad is definitely suppressive.

      I’m going to carry on for one more week then stop and do blood work again in a few weeks to make sure it bounces back.

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        Dawg 6

        Yes, definitely suppressive from other testing out there. You may need Clomiphene to jump start your own Testosterone production to come back, depends on your age and such.

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          andy smith

          So 3 weeks after stopping RAD my T levels have shot back to higher than they were before the RAD cycle!
          I didn’t take anything post cycle but did get loads of sleep and take lots of ZMA, boron, vitamin D and ashwagandha.
          I’ve now starting a cycle of ostarine as I get no suppression from it and it make me feel great!

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      King Skitter

      Hey guys I have been a member of this community for some time — and was recently inspired by Sam’s new clinic to start my own SARMS company that would offer a cheaper price than any other companies that offer domestic shipping.

      So the new site is up and running with a limited supply of RAD-140 and MK-677 at https://www.truesourcepeptides.com/ and I would appreciate it if some of you would be willing to check us out.

      We offer PayPal and Credit/Debit payments with a %100 money-back guarantee.

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      Questions on RAD140. If is it dangerous or should it not be taken if you are already on HRT? Second, if your not on T HRT should you still be taking HCG with RAD 140?



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      Joe Fitness

      Does RAD-140 or any of the SARMS provide the healing effect such as with HGH?

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      Has anyone gotten blood work done while on RAD 140? My liver enzymes fluctuate quite a bit, especially if I work out the day before. I have seen specialists and it seems my liver is fine (confirmed by an MRI). I am about 2.5 weeks into a RAD cycle and am thinking about getting bloods done this Friday to see where my liver enzymes. Has anyone experienced elevated enzymes from RAD or another SARM?

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