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      Is Fesetin effective?
      Has anyone ever tried it?

      Thank you,

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      Fisetin ?

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      So I have tried it. I have done this for a year. And it’s the best shit in the world. I love this stuff, it’s cheap and easy to use. I buy Swanson’s Fisetin, the one with Nouvestein(sp). Likely any of them will do. I take 3g or 30 tablets (entire bottle) for 3 days straight then wait one month and repeat.

      It almost has to raise your testosterone levels as well. Because when I took it, it was night and day. First time taking it…figured it would not do shit. I take like 22 tablets (2.2g), just huff em down with water one after another and go to bed. The next day I feel a little fatigued and odd, took a krap and it came out white…so I was like Okaay…but I had the real need to go out for a walk. Usually I don’t have any energy. So I go out for a walk and it’s just a real calm cool feeling and I notice my legs kinda are fatigued and a little tight. So I go home and take 22 more tablets.

      The next day I am feeling a little amped. But what just stood out was when I got out of my ergonomic computer desk (pain in the ass to get out of) I just glided out of that bitch like I was floating on air. My legs had a ton of strength, I was kinda dumbfounded. By day three (after third dosing) I was walking around amazed at the world.

      I was 43 at the time, so what was amazing to me is how the lights just seemed to turn on. Mentally, visually, and audibly. Everything seemed amazing, colors were cool, building architecture was neat, I just wanted to go explore, see new stuff. I felt more conscious and present. It was like I had slowly descended into some kind of grey fog over the years, like you would never notice since it was so gradual. But now I could see how it was back to business. I literally remembered how it felt to be like 22-25 years old again, like I was remembering my old self.

      That was the first time I took it. I was taking it for the Senylotic effect, but it must activate testosterone production too. Since that day I have been taking it for over a year now. No adverse effects, I feel great in that regards. I can work out and gain muscle easily and I am not aging that fast, look pretty nice for a guy my age. It will be like 10 years before I could really tell you how it works with anti-aging. But I swear by this stuff. I have taken a lot of bullkrap that did nothing at all, so I figured this would be the same….well it wasn’t. I’d recommend giving it a shot.

      Dosing as follows:
      DAY 1 – 3g (30 tablets 100mg)
      DAY 2 – 3g (30 tablets 100mg)
      Day 3 – 3g (30 tablets 100mg)

      Wait one month and repeat. You can do it every 3 weeks if you want, but more frequent than that and I felt a little too amped. I think that 4th week is good to just buffer and normalize a bit. Fisetin has an extremely fast halflife it is in and out of your system within hours. But the effects linger.

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