What men should know about testosterone replacement

As men age, many experience a natural decline in levels of testosterone. Lower levels of testosterone are associated with an increased risk of various medical conditions, as well as a number of constitutional symptoms.

Dr. John Fry, Founding Physician, EssenceMD, describes the options for men and whether you might be a good candidate for treatment.


Common symptoms of low testosterone include, sleep disturbance, fatigue, night sweats, weight gain, memory difficulties, mood swings, depression, anxiety, decreased libido, decreased muscle mass, and lack of recovery from exercise. Identification of low levels can be determined by simple blood tests and a thorough medical exam.

Replacement of testosterone has been associated with improvement symptoms and a general feeling of improved well being. At EssenceMD, we believe the best way to replenish these levels is by using bioidentical testosterone, which is the hormone manufactured exactly like what your body uses. Testosterone cannot be taken orally. Common routes of administration include weekly shots or daily application of testosterone cream. For many patients, testosterone can be conveniently replaced by using hormone pellets placed below the skin using the latest insertion technology which eliminates the need for daily administration. The procedure takes only about 15 minutes and is associated with little downtime and will last 4 months.

What you need to know:

1. Reduced levels of testosterone are a normal process of aging.
2. Reduced levels of testosterone are associated with a number of symptoms as well as an increased risk of cardiovascular disease.
3. Identification of low testosterone can be determined by simple blood tests and a thorough medical exam.
4. Replacement of testosterone is not available in oral form. Many patients receive shots or use a daily cream.
5. A very popular and efficient way to replace testosterone is to place hormone pellets under the skin. The procedure takes less than 15 minutes and will last 4 months.
6. EssenceMD uses the latest in insertion technology to improve results. This new technology is the first advancement in the pellet insertion field in over 80 years.

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