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I wanted to write up an article for those interested in joining Viking Alternative Medicine, LLC… where we put Patients Before Profits!

Here’s an overview of what most people are interested in. Each person is unique, but we have to be able to generalize for informational purposes. First and foremost, there are NO CONSULTATION FEES. We don’t believe in charging you to ask us questions. We only charge for the medications you receive and we are EXTREMELY competitive. We cover all 50 States and you Do Not need to physically walk into one of our offices to become a patient.

TRT WITHOUT HCG: The pricing for 10 Weeks of TRT supplies if you DON’T want HCG is $110 a month. This includes 200 MG of Testosterone per week, 1/2 MG of Anastrozole twice a week, and all necessary syringes.

TRT WITH HCG: You’d be looking at $160 a month for 10 Weeks of TRT supplies WITH 6,000 Units of HCG. This includes 200 MG of Testosterone per week, 1/2 MG of Anastrozole twice a week, 6,000 Units of HCG dosed at 250 units twice per week, and all supporting Bacteriostatic Water and syringes.

TRT WITH HGH: For $387 a month you can get everything listed above in the TRT WITH HCG package as well as 180 IU’s of HGH (Zomacton). This is less than $400 a month for 10 Weeks of TRT supplies AND 12 Weeks of HGH Therapy. You can’t beat that price ANYWHERE.

All packages are billed in 2 month increments. For instance, if you chose the TRT without HCG package, you’d get a 10 week supply of meds (2 months) and you’d be billed $110 X 2… or $220.

The first step to becoming a patient is completing the New Patient Intake Form . While completing this form you will be asked to upload your most recent labs as well as a copy of your Driver’s License. We can take any labs that are 6 months or newer. If your labs are older, we can help with that too. You can go to your existing doctor and use your insurance for labs, but that’s usually a pain. For roughly $60 you can get everything you need. I’ll include info on how to get labs below.

Once the Intake Form has been completed, we’ll call you back with a consultation date and time. We try to schedule these quickly. You’ll complete the consultation and if all goes well, and our Medical Director approves the recommendations, we’ll get you started. You can even use our Online Booking Program to select your own consultation time!

Refills are not done automatically. We will call you if you’d like or you can call us for refills.

Switching Clinics is EASY: If you’re already on a TRT program, switching to Viking Alternative is simple. Just complete the New Patient process listed above and we’ll get you taken care of. You do not need to have Low Testosterone if you’re already on a program… we expect your levels to be elevated.

How to Get Labs Fast and Cheap: Get Labs The easiest and fastest way to get labs is to do it on your own. You’re looking at around $60. If you want this option – here is the link

Hormone panel 1
When checking out, you can use the code (it changes each month, usually to the month, followed by the year) JUNE19 to save something like 10%. It only takes an hour or so before you’re emailed a lab requisition. Once you get it, you can go directly to any LabCorp location and get your blood drawn. The results are emailed to you in a couple of days.

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