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Using an at-home testing service, you can obtain the lab results you need without a doctor's prescription, without taking the time to go to the lab and have blood drawn, and do it affordably as well as quickly. Simply order one of the test kits, follow the instructions and mail the kit to the lab. You will receive your lab results within days.


ZRT Laboratory has clinical consultants ready to answer your  general questions and offer assistance or guidance when looking at the report.  Available 5 days a week from 9am-5pm PST.

No charge. No appointment necessary. No time limit.

Call (866) 600-1636


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Viking Alternative Medicine

ZRT specializes in hormone testing and developed two simple tests - the saliva test and the blood spot test. Please see this short video for additional information about the testing.

ZRT works with many doctors, dentists, and anti-aging clinics but there is no prescription required for their services unless you live in California or New York. If you live in either state, email and let him know.

We have worked with ZRT to be able to provide this testing service for you at the lowest price possible. We have scoured the internet and have not been able to find any prices lower than the ones below. ZRT has allowed us to package the most important hormones in a very special pricing package for the Viking Community.

When you decide to purchase a kit, an order is placed with ZRT and your kit is shipped out the same business day. There is an $8 shipping charge for the kit which includes a prepaid label to send your completed test back to ZRT for analysis.

ZRT is a quality testing lab that provides quick, private, and economical testing.

In addition to the Viking Panels, ZRT has allowed us to offer any of their tests to you, most of which are listed on this page.

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