HGH Option A

A company named PureRawz has what’s called 191AA, which is Pharma Grade HGH. If you use the coupon code VIKING when checking out (15% savings across the website), you get a 2 and a half month supply of HGH (100 IU's) for around $350. So to find the monthly cost, divide the $350 in half, which is $175. Add that to the Royal Men’s $195… and you get $370 a month for 200 mg of Testosterone Cypionate a week and 2 IU’s of Pharma Grade HGH. Now keep in mind that in the context of this article, Pharma Grade is not as pure as Pharmaceutical Grade (we'll get to Pharmaceutical Grade next). It's still a VERY good option and will work extremely well for those budget-minded individuals. this example text.

HGH Option B:

HGH Option C: