Troll Alert! Shrinking Testes and Tren

Troll Post:

“So it seems you know everything about aas and even know your chemicals?! How Come i don’t believe you when you say you that sarms supress your natural test and aas wont ? Either your full of shit, or you have’t used any thing. If so, you could tell that taking test has influences on your on own test. Your balls actually do shrink and what about the crash afterwords.? You could tell how tren gives you problem getting a boner. The sweating, short sleep, crazy Dreams. The problems with bold. And those aren’t side effects ? 😂 So my guess is you just read an article, named everything you came across just to act wise … Oh, and yes, i actually tried most of the stuff”


At 51 I’m wise enough to know I’m far from knowing everything, but I’m confident when I offer advice. No, your balls don’t shrink if you implement HCG into your protocol. I know this because mine haven’t. If you’re running Test without HCG, you deserve to have your balls shrink so you’re not able to reproduce and populate the earth with a brand new generation of idiots. I have no idea what you’re talking about with a crash from Test? We’re not running a cycle here, Junior… we’re on TRT. We don’t take super physiological doses and we never come off. It’s for this reason that we don’t care if our Testosterone levels are suppressed. I’ve never had a erectile dysfunction on Tren… in fact, I was a nympho. No crazy dreams, no problem sleeping, little sweating, but nothing outrageous. What’s odd here is you have allegedly experienced every side effect Tren has to offer… almost like a textbook definition… who’s been scouring the bro-science message boards now? Most people may get a couple of sides, but rarely all of them. Troll somewhere else, Junior. You’re bringing a knife to a gun fight… and a pocket knife at that.

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