Questioning the Existence of Body Types…


Still talking about body types in 2018? Smh…..


Oh, because it’s 2018 we’ve somehow evolved as a species to the point where various body types no longer have similar characteristics? Try getting a skinny, lanky person to grow. Feed them whatever you want, train them as often as you want, and see if you can get them to grow. It’s not going to happen… not with any substance at least. Take somebody that gains fat easily and feed them a high carbohydrate diet. See what happens. Feed them the right foods and train them hard and they’ll explode in size and strength. There are certainly similarities in certain body types. To act like that’s no longer a fact because it’s a different year… that’s a ridiculous statement. If I were a betting man, I’d bet you’re the type that has difficulty putting on size. Those are always the people that don’t want to accept the fact that genetics and body type control your ability to grow and nothing you can do or say will change that. And I’m not being condescending or judgmental here. I’ve just never seen a naturally large guy every question genetics or body types… always the small guys.
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