Loose fat and Gain Muscle with a Professional – Monthly Payments


As many of you know I ran a contest about a week or so ago where I gave away two free diet coaching sessions with Shelby Starnes.

Shelby is a diet coach that took me from 318 pounds down to 280 lbs. I had tried every diet Under the Sun on my own and I
failed miserably.

In 12 weeks Shelby told me how to eat what to eat. For the
first time in my life I was able to gain muscle while losing fat at the same time. It allowed me to get my physique to a point where I felt comfortable with anything I put on – from a baggy sweater to a tank top, even a compression shirt. No amount of peptides or other performance-enhancing drugs can take credit for that this was strictly Shelby Starnes and his knowledge of how the human body operates. After the contest ended I continued to receive entries. In fact, I was getting so many I had to pull the video from my youtube channel. I know people were coming to the web page and staying there to read about Shelby’s program yet few people purchased the program so this tell me tells me two things. One, there is a huge interest in Shelby’s services and Two, the price is too high
for the average person to be comfortable paying in one
lump sum.

I started thinking of ways to fix that and when I came up with was a financing option where I use my money to pay Shelby up front. You, the client. pays two hundred dollars to start and two hundred dollars a month for five additional months.This is thebest way I could think of to make Shelby’s program financially reasonable for the most people.

I’m going to have to cap this somewhere, so if you have an interest you might want to get in early. How do you sign up? You go
to https://livelikeaviking.com/loose-fat-gain-muscle and you complete the webform. I’ll send you over a digital contract to
sign. Make your first payment via PayPal. I’ll set up PayPal recurring billing for the five additional months. I’ll pay Shelby immediately so you can get started right away. This entire
process can be completed in one day. I can’t stress this enough diet is such a huge part of getting healthy looking and healthy feeling.

I could never have gotten to where I am without Shelby’s help.

I just got an email from Paul yesterday, one of
the diet coach contest winners from last week. He started with Shelby four days ago at 280 pounds and he’s already down to 272 lbs. Everybody I talk say Shelby has had results that have far exceeded their expectations.

Shelby works with both women and men.
I’m ready to throw down my money to get you results but the ball is in your court. You can keep doing what you’re doing and if you’re like me, failing miserably, or you can hire a professional to teach you how your body reacts to various foods. In112 weeks you’ll have the knowledge and experience to control your own weight for the rest of your life!

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