Welcome to the Diet Coach Financing Program!

Shelby Starnes

Diet is such a HUGE part of getting healthy, looking healthy, and feeling healthy. If I take my three core principles of Building a Better You; Hormones, Diet, and Training, Diet is the #1 reason people fail. I personally could never have gotten from where I was to where I am (and I still have a lot of work to do) without the help of a professional. Shelby Starnes is an absolute Magician when it comes to changing a person's physique. Simply follow the plan he gives you, send him your pictures weekly, he'll make modifications based upon your Individual results, and in 12 short weeks you'll know how to manage your diet for the rest of your life!

$200 Per Month!!!!!!

The Diet Coach Financing Program works like this: Complete the short Web Form below. I will email you a contract for electronic signature. Once the contract has been completed, I'll email you a PayPal request for $200 as well as an automated PayPal schedule for 5 additional monthly payments of $200 (the first payment starts one month after the signing of the contract). Upon completion of payment and acceptance of the recurring payments, I'll notify Shelby Starnes that he has a new client and I'll pay him in full for your Diet Coaching Program. He'll get with you quickly and you'll be on your way to Changing the Rest of Your Life

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