Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)

Hormones and Women

Women and Hormone Therapy – Live Event Replay

January 15, 2021

Sam and Kristen Rossi, PA-C discuss what the benefits of Hormone Replacement Therapy are for women, what Viking Alternative Medicine offers, and why Hormone Replacement Therapy is important for women. Sam and Kristen answer questions LIVE. For the ABSOLUTE BEST Hormone Replacement Therapy Clinic in the ENTIRE Universe…   visit Viking Alternative Medicine. Phone: 210-826-8900 Web: www.VikingAlternative.com Email: info@VikingAlternative.com Visit Us on Social Media www.FaceBook.com/VikingLivesMatter www. Instagram.com/VikingLivesMatter Websites: www.LiveLikeAViking.com, www.VikingAlternative.com Email: Sam@LiveLikeAViking.com [00:00:00.270] – Sam Ridgeway And other things about women that I as a man and most of the other men can’t possibly relate to or pretty much talk about, so we’re going to get into that. But from now. We have three different streaming services. We have one, two to Facebook, we have one to YouTube. So all the questions need to be consolidated into one area because you can ask questions live and we’ll get to those. But the area that needs to be consolidated to is it’s live like a Viking forward chat.   [00:00:31.830] – Sam Ridgeway So again, can live like a Viking forward chat and then all of your questions, no matter what your YouTube or Facebook, will all come into one area. […]

Hormones and Women

Announcing Live Event – Women and Hormones

January 13, 2021

Sam & Kristen Letendre, PA-C will be hosing a live event on Thursday, January 4. 2021 Live Streaming on www.YouTube.com/LiveLikeAViking, www.Facebook.com/VikingAlternativeMedicine, and www.facebook.com/VikingLivesMatter simultaneously!. Ladies, if you are tired of men trying to tell you how you should feel, what you feel, how you can feel better, all the rest of these things, you’re like, listen, you don’t even know me because you’re a man. Well, then Thursday, this upcoming Thursday, which is, what, 114 January 14th at 6:00 p.m. Central Standard Time. That’s your lucky day, because at Viking Live Stream, we’re going to have Kristin, one of our medical professionals who’s amazingly awesome, and she can do a live stream event.   So that means, again, that you can ask questions. So for all the ladies, if you know a woman that could potentially benefit from hormone replacement therapy, and that means if she’s over the age of 40, then that’s a yes. Have her tune in to live like a Viking on YouTube or on our Facebook Viking Alternative Medicine on Thursday at six p.m. for that live stream event where she can ask questions and get a whole lot of information on how hormone replacement therapy […]


Anavar (Oxandrolone) Sam Ridgeway and Chris Neal

December 18, 2020

Anavar (Oxandrolone) Sam Ridgeway and Chris Neal discuss all aspects of Anavar – Broadcast Live December 17, 2020 [00:00:00.085] – Sam Ridgeway Chris Neal, who is our clinical supervisor and today’s topic, is on Oxandrolone or also known better known maybe as Anavar. And the reason we’re doing this is because there’s a lot of people that want to know about Anavar. We get messages all the time. Can I add Anvar to my protocol? What is it? What does it do? All those things? So Chris and I said, this is a great topic and here we are. So, Chris, why don’t you kind of just your website and just tell them who you are and then I’ll go over like a brief history of Anavar.   [00:00:31.645] – Sam Ridgeway So go ahead.   [00:00:32.875] – Chris Neal Hey, guys. How’s it going, Chris? Neal, you can check out my YouTube channel at Real Science with Chris Neal I am the clinical supervisor for Viking Alternative Medicine. You can schedule a consultation with myself or with any of our our medical staff by just going to the website vikingalternative.com. And if you want to chat with us and […]

Gonadorelin or HCG? Which is Better?

December 11, 2020

Gonadorelin or HCG? Which is Better? Join us on YouTube or Facebook December 10, 2020 at 7pm EST where Chris Neal and Sam Ridgeway discuss the differences between these two compounds and why you might want one over the other.   Transcript   [00:00:00.145] – Sam Ridgeway Chris Neal, who is our clinical supervisor over at Viking Alternative Medicine. Today, what we’re going to talk about is something that a lot of people have had an issue with, and that’s HCG versus Gonadorelin. And the reason this became such a controversial topic is because earlier this year, I think they labeled HCG as a biologic, which is in the same classification is like blood or urine, and it could no longer be compounded by compounding facilities. Therefore, there was a certain date which you could no longer get it, and a lot of clinics stopped using it and started pushing Gonadorelin.   [00:00:32.425] – Sam Ridgeway Now, Viking has had it the entire time. You had a choice the whole time. How we had it, I’m not really sure, but we did. And we’ll continue to have it because it’s becoming more readily available. But that was the controversy. And […]

TRT and Blood Pressure

TRT and Blood Pressure Live Event

December 3, 2020

Chris Neal and Sam Ridgeway hold a live event with our Viking Community to discuss TRT and Blood Pressure.  How does TRT impact your Blood Pressure. What should your blood pressure be and other questions from our Viking Community!   [00:00:00.085] – Sam Ridgeway All the time and a lot of people have, which is high blood pressure and how does that go along? Just high blood pressure in general. For an overview before this whole thing, Chris and I were talking. There was so much stuff I didn’t even know that he was telling me that he was going to share with you. But how does that also tie into hormone replacement therapy – TRT – and so on? Is there a correlation between those? So let’s just jump right into it.   [00:00:23.365] And Chris, so what exactly is high blood pressure and what causes it?   [00:00:29.015] – Chris Neal Yes, so first, look, first of all, he mentioned that all of this is is all connected and that’s one of the things about hormone replacement therapy. Really being able to do this well is that we have to look at the entire person we have to look […]

Live Debate Danny Bossa

Are AI’s a necessary component of a standard TRT protocol

November 21, 2020

Live debate – November 21, 2020 Danny Bossa and Chris Neal Debate the topic of whether or not AI’s are a necessary component of a standard TRT protocol.   ”Transcript of LIve Debate  Timestap corresponds with video [00:00:23.615] – Sam Ridgeway Hello Facebook. Hello, YouTube. Hello, everybody. This is Sam Ridgeway with Viking Alternative Medicine. And today we have Chris Neal and Danny Bossa. We’re going to talk about whether A.I.’S it’s just talk about whether AI’s are necessary if the thought of that is necessary. So we’re going to kind of go with both of both ways. We have to give a little time to one person and a little time to the other and make sure there’s a whole fair thing.The objective of this is not to win. That’s not it. It’s to educate all of you. So you get all of the information you need to make an educated decision about your health and your well-being. So to begin, this whole thing started with you. Danny, why don’t you just tell us a little bit about yourself so people know who you are? Sure thing.   [00:01:04.355] – Danny Bossa I’m actually sending off the scientists, so […]

Chris Neal Danny Bossa

Announcing Live Stream debate with Danny Bossa

November 20, 2020

Saturday, November 21, 2020 at 11am EST (10am CST, 8am PT), Viking’s very own Chris Neal will debate Danny Bossa on whether or not AI’s are a necessary component of a standard TRT protocol. This is an Interactive LiveStream Event you won’t want to miss this!

Optimize Recovery Live with Sam and Chris Neal

November 20, 2020

Live Discussion about optimizing your recovery from any injury using hormones/peptides.  This is a live stream presentation that was broadcast on YouTube, Facebook, and Live Like a Viking on November 19, 2020   Transcript of Live Event – Time stamps correlate to video   [00:01:08.085] – Sam YouTube, Facebook in multiple places. It’s all here. We’re doing our first live stream. I hope this is not just Chris and I talking and there’s more people out there. The way that you interact with us is you go to LivelikeaViking.com/chat.   [00:01:23.505] – Sam And the reason for that is if we do these individually, then I have to check two or three Facebook pages. I have to come back and check YouTube for anybody’s comments. So I want you to switch over to live like a Viking dot com forward slash chat. And that way you can interact with us and you can ask questions as we go along, because that’s what I want to do with the session. So Chris and I started this session was to not just preach to people and tell you what we think you want to know, but to actually give you the ability […]


Diet – How to Feel 20 After You’re 40

September 25, 2020

Part 2 of this 4 Part Series. This video talks about the importance of Diet as it pertains to your physical and mental health.   I’m asking you to share this series with anybody, over the age of 40, that has become physically and mentally complacent.   Part 1 focused on the significance of Hormones and why nothing else will matter until you bring your body back into balance.   And when I say “Nothing”, I mean nothing. I’m saying you might as well not even try. You’re merely setting yourself up for frustration and disappointment.   Because after you reach the age of 40, definitely by 45, the chances your body is producing enough testosterone to keep your metabolism optimized, your cognitive abilities sharpened, your sexual function operating efficiently, and everything else Testosterone does.   Is slim to none.   So in my previous video I explained how to fix that problem by supplementing your body’s own natural production with a bio-identical hormone. A Hormone your body doesn’t even know it didn’t produce on its own.   In fact all your body knows is it now has the resources to perform optimally.   And once we’ve done that, or […]



September 22, 2020

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