Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)

What Does It Take To Truly Be “Fit”?

March 17, 2021

Think you’re “Fit”? Here’s my philosophy on what it takes to truly get there… and it’s far more than big muscles and 8% Body Fat. So my last video was about what to do before you decide hormone therapy isn’t working. And from that video, I got a YouTube comment from someone called MM, which stated, come on now, Sam, you’re not exactly the poster child for fitness. Now, I’m not exactly sure how that comment related to the video, but conceptually, it was definitely interesting. Now, normally, I reply with some scathing remark explaining in detail why I thought the person writing the comment was a professional grade douchebag and where they could stick their rude assed comment. And to be truthfully honest. That’s exactly what I started to do. But then I stopped and I thought to myself, this would make a great video because there’s so much more to fitness than just the physical aspect, because fitness, at least for me, encompasses the body, mind and soul. And in order to truly be fit, you have to work on mastering all three. So the purpose of this video isn’t to convince MM that I’m the poster child […]

Do This Before You Decide Hormone Therapy Isn’t Working!

February 26, 2021

Hormone Replacement Therapy can change your entire life in ways you never thought possible, but not if you don’t follow these simple rules… [00:00:00.510] So what happens if you don’t feel your hormone therapy protocol is working? Now, of course, there’s the obvious chance that your protocol needs to be adjusted, but there’s another possibility which happens to be far more prevalent. And this is the one that usually pisses people off. But we’re not here to make friends. We’re here to get results. So this needs to be said. [00:00:32.490] So every now and then I’ll get this message from someone saying their protocol isn’t working and at Viking we pride ourselves on exceptionalism because mediocracy is not an option. So not feeling great as far as we’re concerned is a serious problem. But hormone therapy is a very individualized process. And unfortunately, trial and error is often just a necessary evil. So the first thing we’ll do is review recent lab work. Maybe their estrogen is elevated, maybe it’s their prolactin. They may need more or less testosterone. [00:01:07.020] Is there hematocrit out of control? There’s a list of things to look for. And as I’ve said, that’s […]

Viking Needs Your Help!

February 23, 2021

Please work with us to increase awareness and remove the stigma associated with the Hormone Therapy industry. With your help we can treat thousands more and improve Quality of Life for the masses. Submit Review Hello and thank you for choosing Viking as your hormone therapy provider, but right now I need your help. Viking is on a crusade to remove the stigma placed upon the hormone industry as a whole. But we can only do that through education and awareness. I’m asking you to join me in this effort by taking two minutes of your valuable time and submitting a Google review for Viking alternative medicine. The more people that proudly acknowledge hormone therapy as a method to improve every aspect of their lives, then the more mainstream this treatment becomes, and that allows us to improve the quality of life for countless others because getting old is inevitable but feeling old is a choice. Thank you. Until next time, Peace Out.

Why Women Need Hormone Therapy Episode 2

February 19, 2021

Women and Hormone Therapy Episode two with Sam Ridgeway and Kristen Rossi. Sam and Kristen continue the discussion about the many benefits of Hormone Therapy for women inclluding reducing and/or eliminating menopause symptoms, help with sleep patterns, weight, muscle tone, and general well being. Kristen is also a Certified Personal Trainer and is available to assist with designing an exercise plan that is simple, logical, and able to be done at home. She is also available to do nutritional counseling to make sure you are giving your body the foods it requires to be a Viking. For the ABSOLUTE BEST Hormone Replacement Therapy Clinic in the ENTIRE Universe… visit Viking Alternative Medicine. Phone: 210-826-8900 Web: www.VikingAlternative.com Email: info@VikingAlternative.com Visit Us on Social Media www.FaceBook.com/VikingLivesMatter www.Instagram.com/VikingLivesMatter Websites: www.LiveLikeAViking.com, www.VikingAlternative.com Email: Sam@LiveLikeAViking.com   [00:00:00.060] – Sam Ridgeway Hormone’s, why it’s so important, how does nutrition factor into the equation? What exercises get the best results, medications to heal and even optimize the body and more? Now, this is going to be an interactive live stream, which means you can ask questions real time. And because we’re going to multiple social channels, Facebook and YouTube, we need to consolidate those questions into one […]

Scot Week 2

What Happens on TRT? Week 2 of Making A Viking

January 30, 2021

We’ve chosen Scott as our Viking In The Making. We’ve put him on Hormone Replacement Therapy, we’ve hired a Diet Coach, we’re running BPC 157 and TB 500 for prior injuries, we’re going for better skin, hair, sleep, and optimized metabolism, etc. with Ipamorelin/CJC 1295. We’re showing what happens to normal people when they balance their hormones and utilize science to better their lives. Real people, real feedback.   Sam Ridgeway You don’t have to you don’t have to really adjust your lifestyle to where you’re this fanatic, you can do this and you can still fit everything into the time of the day and not feel like you’re just like fitness is your entire life.   Sam Ridgeway All right, so we’re here with Scott. Scott is the person that we’re taking and we’re doing an eating program, we’re doing hormone replacement therapy, we’re doing TB 300 and BPC 157 to heal injuries Ipamorelin/CJC  for better hair, skin, sleep and so on. So it’s been about how long has it been since we started?   Scott Just a couple of weeks now.   Sam Ridgeway A couple weeks. You were sick for one of those weeks. That’s kind of […]

HRT Pricing

Why does the pricing for hormone therapy vary so widely from clinic to clinic

January 22, 2021

Why does the pricing for hormone therapy vary so widely from clinic to clinic?  The volume of a telemed clinic lowers the price of medication and services for its customers.   Hello, everybody, it is Sam Ridgway, owner of Viking Alternative Medicine and Mark from Texas asks, Why does the pricing for hormone therapy vary so widely from clinic to clinic? In order to answer this question, we first have to do away with all of the hype and glamour portrayed by many clinics pretending they have some magical concoction nobody else has, which, of course, justifies their expensive programs. We need to push past the promise of unrealistic expectations, like if you do this, you’ll have rock hard abs.   If you do that, you’ll perform like a porn star. If you do or take something else, you’ll be running marathons in a matter of weeks because all of that is bullshit. So in order to answer Mark’s question, we’re going to have to go behind the scenes and expose how things really work in the hormone replacement industry. What Mark is asking is, why will you find one clinic that charges, let’s say, 400 dollars a month for […]

Hormones and Women

Women and Hormone Therapy – Live Event Replay

January 15, 2021

Sam and Kristen Rossi, PA-C discuss what the benefits of Hormone Replacement Therapy are for women, what Viking Alternative Medicine offers, and why Hormone Replacement Therapy is important for women. Sam and Kristen answer questions LIVE. For the ABSOLUTE BEST Hormone Replacement Therapy Clinic in the ENTIRE Universe…   visit Viking Alternative Medicine. Phone: 210-826-8900 Web: www.VikingAlternative.com Email: info@VikingAlternative.com Visit Us on Social Media www.FaceBook.com/VikingLivesMatter www. Instagram.com/VikingLivesMatter Websites: www.LiveLikeAViking.com, www.VikingAlternative.com Email: Sam@LiveLikeAViking.com [00:00:00.270] – Sam Ridgeway And other things about women that I as a man and most of the other men can’t possibly relate to or pretty much talk about, so we’re going to get into that. But from now. We have three different streaming services. We have one, two to Facebook, we have one to YouTube. So all the questions need to be consolidated into one area because you can ask questions live and we’ll get to those. But the area that needs to be consolidated to is it’s live like a Viking forward chat.   [00:00:31.830] – Sam Ridgeway So again, can live like a Viking forward chat and then all of your questions, no matter what your YouTube or Facebook, will all come into one area. […]

Hormones and Women

Announcing Live Event – Women and Hormones

January 13, 2021

Sam & Kristen Letendre, PA-C will be hosing a live event on Thursday, January 4. 2021 Live Streaming on www.YouTube.com/LiveLikeAViking, www.Facebook.com/VikingAlternativeMedicine, and www.facebook.com/VikingLivesMatter simultaneously!. Ladies, if you are tired of men trying to tell you how you should feel, what you feel, how you can feel better, all the rest of these things, you’re like, listen, you don’t even know me because you’re a man. Well, then Thursday, this upcoming Thursday, which is, what, 114 January 14th at 6:00 p.m. Central Standard Time. That’s your lucky day, because at Viking Live Stream, we’re going to have Kristin, one of our medical professionals who’s amazingly awesome, and she can do a live stream event.   So that means, again, that you can ask questions. So for all the ladies, if you know a woman that could potentially benefit from hormone replacement therapy, and that means if she’s over the age of 40, then that’s a yes. Have her tune in to live like a Viking on YouTube or on our Facebook Viking Alternative Medicine on Thursday at six p.m. for that live stream event where she can ask questions and get a whole lot of information on how hormone replacement therapy […]


Anavar (Oxandrolone) Sam Ridgeway and Chris Neal

December 18, 2020

Anavar (Oxandrolone) Sam Ridgeway and Chris Neal discuss all aspects of Anavar – Broadcast Live December 17, 2020 [00:00:00.085] – Sam Ridgeway Chris Neal, who is our clinical supervisor and today’s topic, is on Oxandrolone or also known better known maybe as Anavar. And the reason we’re doing this is because there’s a lot of people that want to know about Anavar. We get messages all the time. Can I add Anvar to my protocol? What is it? What does it do? All those things? So Chris and I said, this is a great topic and here we are. So, Chris, why don’t you kind of just your website and just tell them who you are and then I’ll go over like a brief history of Anavar.   [00:00:31.645] – Sam Ridgeway So go ahead.   [00:00:32.875] – Chris Neal Hey, guys. How’s it going, Chris? Neal, you can check out my YouTube channel at Real Science with Chris Neal I am the clinical supervisor for Viking Alternative Medicine. You can schedule a consultation with myself or with any of our our medical staff by just going to the website vikingalternative.com. And if you want to chat with us and […]

Gonadorelin or HCG? Which is Better?

December 11, 2020

Gonadorelin or HCG? Which is Better? Join us on YouTube or Facebook December 10, 2020 at 7pm EST where Chris Neal and Sam Ridgeway discuss the differences between these two compounds and why you might want one over the other.   Transcript   [00:00:00.145] – Sam Ridgeway Chris Neal, who is our clinical supervisor over at Viking Alternative Medicine. Today, what we’re going to talk about is something that a lot of people have had an issue with, and that’s HCG versus Gonadorelin. And the reason this became such a controversial topic is because earlier this year, I think they labeled HCG as a biologic, which is in the same classification is like blood or urine, and it could no longer be compounded by compounding facilities. Therefore, there was a certain date which you could no longer get it, and a lot of clinics stopped using it and started pushing Gonadorelin.   [00:00:32.425] – Sam Ridgeway Now, Viking has had it the entire time. You had a choice the whole time. How we had it, I’m not really sure, but we did. And we’ll continue to have it because it’s becoming more readily available. But that was the controversy. And […]