Getting Started with Testosterone Replacement

October 21, 2019
Getting Started with Testosterone Replacement

Hi Sam,

Love your videos and I find them very informative. I’m going to be 59 in a few months and have been working out regularly twice a week at Orange Therapy. In the first 4 months I lost weight and it was great albeit at a very slow rate. In the last two months all weight loss has halted. I work harder at Orange Therapy, but I can’t seem to bring my heart to the 84% level like I used to. OTF is based on brining your heart rate upto to 84% to bring yourself to the Orange Zone. It is very disheartening for me since I’m rarely getting above 77%. When it comes to a PUSH or All out, I can’t go above 7 in he speed and even that is only for a short time. I’m talking 30 to 60 seconds max and after that I need to slow down. The second part of the class is floor exercises with weights and just body weight. That drains my tank more than the cardio. Since the beginning of the year they have added a lot of compound movements and its difficult to keep up! I’m the oldest one in the class and on either side of me I can have young folks in their 20’s.

Why am I telling you this? I’m not sure what to do next! I’ve been going to gyms pretty much my whole adult life with minimal success with losing weight. OTF in the first 4 months did give me results. I also FAST and do intermittent fasting, and refrain for eating simple carbs. No breads, pasta, cakes or any other stuff like that. On Saturday Morning I do treat myself with Organic Coconut macaroons and a few Matt’s chocolate and peanut butter cookies. Granted, this is not a free for all with me jamming in as much as I can. I also do like to eat a pint of no-dairy ice cream preferably made with coconut milk. My lunches when I do eat them are 6 ounces of Grass Fed beef and an enormous salad. Dressing is Organic Italian olive oil, Organic Balsamic vinegar, apple cider vinegar and pink Himalayan salt. I finish that off with organic Avocado about three table spoons,

I really don’t know what direction to go next.

Warmest Regards,

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