Reply To: VIKING Alternative Medicine Is NOW OPEN! 210-826-8900

I'll be honest... I'm just as frustrated with the shipping issue as you are. I know that doesn't matter to you; you just want your stuff. But it's the only part of this entire process that's out of our control. We send orders into what I call a "Black Hole" and they come out on the other side. I've asked for tracking numbers repeatedly. I've bitched, I've cussed, I've wanted to strangle somebody. I've gotten so pissed talking about it that there was spit on the phone when I hung up. But in the end, it's our responsibility. And we've taken steps to fix it. So while there definitely is an issue with shipping... NO DENYING THAT... the shipments are being processed and sent out. I can assure you future orders will not have this issue. Wish I could make something up or come up with a valid excuse, but there's no excuse for it. All I can do is make sure it doesn't continue.

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