Reply To: Why HCG on TRT?

Hi Vince, Yes, Hcg will indirectly shut down LH and FSH by increasing Testosterone and triggering that negative feedback. But there is no significant downside here as the Hcg will stimulate both sperm production and whatever testosterone the testes are capable of, preventing their atrophy. As far as aromatization of testosterone goes, I don’t believe the rate of aromatization is affected by the type of exogenous testosterone used as much as by other factors such as SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin), alcohol intake, amount of body fat, etc. For people with low SHBG, more frequent dosing of smaller amounts of testosterone creates less of a spike in free testosterone that is vulnerable to conversion by aromatase to estrogen. I have low SHBG (20.9 nmol/L) and I inject 20 mg of T cypionate daily. Even at this frequency my estradiol was higher than I like at 46.8 pg/mL (10.0 - 42.0). Added 1/2mg of anastrozole every 5 days and I feel like I am dialed in just right. Total T 868 (193-740 ng/dL), free T = 250.8 (48.0 - 250.0 pg/ml). Haven't checked estradiol since adding anastrozole, but I feel great!

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