Reply To: Why HCG on TRT?

Hi Vince, When you take exogenous testosterone (injection or gel), it inhibits production of LH(lutenizing hormone) and FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) by the pituitary gland by a negative feedback loop. These hormones are responsible for sperm production as well as testosterone production by the testes. As a result, over time your testes could atrophy, but more importantly if you wish to have kids, your sperm production shuts down. Hcg prevents both of these side effects when taken in the appropriate dosages. In theory, if you had secondary hypogonadism, Hcg alone might do the trick for you. Here the pituitary gland isnt asking the testes for more T, despite low levels. Initial labs would show low FSH and Lh despite low T. But primary hypogonadism is more common, with low T despite high LH and FSH. The Pituitary is asking the testes for more T, but they cannot keep up. Adding Hcg here is like whipping the proverbial dead horse. You might add it to your TRT regimen to prevent them from shutting down completely, but alone would be unlikely to boost T levels significantly. Jack

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