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Hello Not sure best category to post. Sam I’ve been watching your YouTube and reading everything. Really appreciate a real person with honest information. This may be dumb but question is if I sign up for the diet help with Shelby does this include a work out program? I’m unclear with reading about the options with him. I’m 40 years old, dad, in terrible shape and have never really lifted. I’m at least 30pounds over weight and possibly more. One big note. I’ve tried two trt clinics and one being great but for reasons I couldn’t continue. Mainly it was they needed me in office every two months and the drive was 3 hours. Second clinic was royal and in almost a year they have only done one blood test. I complained of excessive water bloat and puffy nipples so they did one estrogen test. Said estrogen was fine however it just wasn’t. I recently discontinued my service with them. On Monday I am calling your new clinic to get started with you guys. Plan on trt and hgh. Long post sorry.

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