Reply To: Sam's Viking Diet

I would, but I pretty much eat whatever the hell I want now. I watch my portion sizes and I try to stay clean, but I can put away 4,000 calories a day (or more) and maintain my current weight. So if I want Frosted Flakes... I get a man-sized bowl. And when I'm finished with that, I might fill up another one. I do intermittent fasting though, which I'll attribute a lot of my weight management success to. I rarely eat after 6 pm and I usually won't eat until the next day around 11:00 am. I do my workouts in a fasted state too. So I pack 4,000 calories or so into a 7 hour window. Oh, and I can't forget 4 IU's of HGH a day (5 days on and 2 off) definitely helps with everything too. Testosterone and HGH are required if you want to keep your body running like a well oiled machine.

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