Reply To: SARMs while on TRT

This is kind of what I've been preaching about. This is no fault of yours, but there's no way you're going to feel well on 200 mg of Test, dosed every 14 days. You're entirely out of exogenous Testosterone well before it's time for your next shot. And your body has drastically slowed production so you're not getting endogenous Test either. If anything, you should at least be doing 100 mg every week. I'm not a doctor, I'm not going against your current physician's protocol. I'm merely telling you he isn't doing you any justice. Your Test numbers are probably just as low now as they were before you began. Do what you do, but I recommend you get with an Anti Aging clinic to be under the care of a licensed physician that specializes in this field. Yes, we're bringing up a new TRT clinic, and yes, I think ours is superior, but you should go wherever you feel comfortable. Just go somewhere. For us, contact my business partner, Andre Miller, at 1-830-496-0167. He's exceptional when it comes to answering questions and pointing you in the right direction. At $110 a month WITHOUT HCG, or $160 a month WITH HCG, there's no reason to not have a professional watching over to to ensure you remain healthy.

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