Reply To: I NOW OWN A TRT CLINIC – VIKING Alternative Medicine!

Hey Sam, I have been following your videos with each one you put out. I find them informational and inspirational. I kinda wish I New about your new business earlier because after signing up for Entourage and then them stopping the process suddenly and refunding all my money I switched to Royalmedical. I had my first labs with them a month ago and just got my first shipment a week ago. I feel weird dumping them right now so I will stick with them for a while until your up and running and then join you. They do not offer HGH as you know and I am interested in Both TRT and HGH as you recommend for my joint issues as I age - and I have many. I would like to order HGH at some point and get that going when your ready. For now I have a source of Qtropin of 5ml with 110iu for $140. Please keep us updated as to your new venture progress and keep the videos coming.... Peace out

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