Reply To: Reconstitute Spartan 1

Taylor, When I first became a research scientist, I too was confused by the various reconstitution and dosage methods. I found this calculator that helped me out. As an example with a MOD GRF 1-29/IPAMORELIN blend of 5mg/5mg, to get my single pin dose of 100 mcg I dilute with 5ml BAC water and that gives me 100 mcg @ .1 in the syringe. Easy for me to see. At a dilution of 2 ml BAC water for the 5/5mg blend that gives a dose of 100 mcg in 2 ticks. That I cannot see too well. Just saying what I have found out to work for me. I have 2 mg, 5 mg and 10 mg vials of product that I use and all are 100 mcg = .1 on the syringe for consistency by diluting to a 1 ml water to every 1 mg of product. Just my $0.02

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