Reply To: Ohio TRT clinic – good deal or not?

Yea I just started the Viking 1 from's Sermorelin 15mg ghrp2 20mg ghrp6 6mg. Thts similar to the ipam..cj 1295. Only been on it a few days but 2 months worth was like 150$ with "Viking" code. I'm really excited to get on the Viking nectar or call Sam's new Clinic if that's cheaper just on the HGH. I don't know why people keep saying their insurance won't cover trt. If you go to your primary care physician and tell him you want to get referred to somebody that will help you out with your testosterone if you have a good doctor though usually send you to a urologist I told mine I had low sex drive all the other symptoms I took my blood test which insurance paid for and I've been on it for a year-and-a-half everything's been paid for from the AndroGel which is $1,500 a month so now the testosterone cypionate. 200mg a week and the Arimidex 15 of those a month. I think I'm going to ask for the HCG next month.

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