Reply To: TRT and Bloodpressure

Ok so I have a small update. I now have a prescription for Arimidex custom blended from a compounding pharmacy as the estrogen was still slightly elevated. As for the High BP Doc said definitely holding water will cause BP to elevate so if anyone has BP issues and tends to retain water you may want to get yourself a home monitor so you can track it while on TRT or perhaps going "above and beyond" in a blasting phase. Also for anyone who doesn't have issues with Estrogen but is in the higher normal range a good supplement to try is Super MiraForte. No more than 4 capsules per day. It brought mine down significantly but was still above normal which is why I now have a prescription. He said once the Estrogen is down a bit I should see a slight increase it Bio Available Test. On a separate note I also had my IGF-1 run and am at the high end of "normal" at 216 u/GL. Although he can't prescribe here in Canada he suggested I am good and shouldn't mess with it. So I'll take that and stay with the TRT. Full Bloods in another 6 weeks to see what the adjustments have done. He anticipates I'll be in the highest normal range.

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