Reply To: Diet – Farts Smell and Bloating

I had the same intestinal issues and I looked into it myself online. Here’s what worked for me. Change your protein to only Hydrolyzed Protein - no more gas due to no gluten or lactose. Also I stopped all dairy and started Keto diet and did a lot of research on wheat belly and leaky gut which has a lot to do with overall gut health. I would be willing to say that almost all of us men over 50 have Unhealthy gut bacteria and digestive systems fatty liver etc... Here are my suggestions on what I have done over the last year and had more success Than ever before. 1.) Keto diet/Intermittent fasting - (Skip breakfast) 2.) Eat whole healthy foods 3.) Increase water intake to 100oz a day. (Hidrate 2.0 water bottle) 4.) Take a probiotic every morning on empty stomach (Good quality only) 5.) Take Tumeric every day (Helps inflammation and fatty liver) 6.) Workout min 3 days a week 7.) TRT - HGH therapy Doing these things I have gotten rid of intestinal gas issues put on muscle and shed belly fat that 20+ years of working out never got rid of. And just for the record it’s not all about dieting it’s about teaching your body to burn fat for energy instead of glucose. Also buy a keto-Mojo tester it will tell you glucose levels, ketones in blood, hemocrit and hemoglobin levels. The more you do this the more you will actually learn about your body and how your body reacts. It’s priceless information. All my adjustments here took time I was addicted to carbohydrates so baby steps but don’t give up! Remember and as you will see for yourself carbohydrates make you hungry because they give you insulin spikes and then you bottom out your blood sugar which causes you to be hungry all over again. On the keto diet I no longer have this issue. And trust me it was severe are used to get up in the middle of the night just to eat something sweet. Stick with Sam and for the rest check out YouTube for these 2 channels: Thomas DeLauer Dr Berg The information you will learn from them is life changing.

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