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I've never had an increase in hunger with Viking Nectar, Omnitrope, 191AA from PureRawz... or any of the other 191AA brands I've tried. And I've never seen it as an issue from others. Now with MK 677 I get incredibly hungry, but not with HGH. It would be interesting to see if things changed if you stopped for a while. But this is a perfect example of the craziness surrounding individual results from the exact same medication. It's the reason why you never know how you'll react to a compound unless you try it. The problem for you would be if the hunger does stop, you're just not a good candidate for HGH, which would absolutely Suck. It could go away too. I've heard many stories from MK users that the hunger subsided after a few weeks. Do you have any issues with your blood sugar? Being pre-diabetic could trigger an insulin response and your body might crave sugar to stabilize blood levels. Or another option is.... you could tell yourself "NO" and just not stick the donut in your head... Ha!

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