Reply To: Need A Legitimate Source for Steroids

I would say the answer to this original post is "Goldline" In my oponion! After recieving the dbol and cypionate thus saturday i took a 1/4 of the dbol tab. These are 50 mg tabs so i took roughly 12.5 mg. I take my blood pressure regularly and took it 30-45 minutes after taking dbol. It was elevated slightly. Within 20-30 minutes i felt like I had worked out and was super pumped and tight and could see i was pumped as well. Im still pumped as hell all through the weekend and havent even worked out yet as sunday was a day off and saturday i had allready worked out before i recieved the package. There is no doubt the dbol is the real deal and im 100% confident in that. I am going to go ahead and take the goldline cypionate as well this week. This is the first online vendor ive dealt with that i feel is legit. His customer service/response is outstanding and super fast and now i believe he has real products. Thanks to whoever it was that recomended Goldline!

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