Reply To: BPC 157 TB 500 BLEND

I love Purerawz, but I noticed something with the Peptide Sciences blend. Number 1 it worked and worked well. 2.) When reconstituting thier product the puck at the bottom just disintegrated like a cloud in the air... no clumps or lumps.... from what i understand that means you may have a better product, especially related to hgh. I could be wrong about this and if someone knows please chime in. Peptide sciences is the only one ive come across that disinegrates like that. Purerawz works good and at a great price. I do feel like peptide sciences actually worked a little better though, but that was the blend i was using which purerawz does not have yet on the shelves. So in fairness to purerawz i shouldnt compare the two yet because one has a blend and one does not yet (but will soon) I think purerawz blend will be a great product as well though. Good luck!

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