Reply To: BPC 157 TB 500 BLEND

I dont know if it helps carry it, but the efcects of the two together are way better than just bpc alone in my opinion. I still injected it into my delts and into my knees (subq into the side of the knee by pinching skin on outer part of knee and injecting and im into delts). On my very first injection of which was with the blend i injected into my left delt. I could feel what felt like a wave of the stuff sweep through my body and once it passed over a hurting spot it didnt hurt no more... was strange and cool, but havent felt that since/again. I bought the blend from peptide sciences. They have a very good product, but damn expensive... Hope that helps. I amazed as well. I am in love with the stuff as it has kept me in the game at 49 years old. I would not be able to lift what im lifting these days without using it. I try to tell friends having issues to give it a try, but they get turned off by the needle aspect.... if they only knew how it would change them and take away the pain....

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