Reply To: Private: Royal Men’s Medical Center – $195 / Month

There's no reason for Royal Men's to not work with you. I think the owner is an asshole, but the team is comprised of a great group of people. Even if they did stop returning your emails, and I don't know why they wouldn't want your business, there are 100 other anti-aging clinics that would be happy to help you. I'm currently working with 3 other partners to start a TRT clinic, but until then, you can contact Andre Miller at 1-830-496-0167. I believe the company he works with is around $130 a month, but I'm not sure how the payment structure is set up; i.e. having to pay 3 months in one lump sum, etc. Regarding Royal and Entourage... I did my homework on both. An unfortunate situation to be sure, and entirely unforeseen. With Entourage, who closes their business when they have clients coming in left and right? And nothing is different about Royal except they decided to not honor the 10% discount they explicitly told me they'd offer. Which is the reason I'm starting my own clinic. I don't trust anybody in this industry anymore. My mantra will be Patients before Profits. You'd think that would be a standard way of doing business in this industry, but it's certainly not. So, as I said in my video, we'll create the largest TRT clinic in the United States and all of these lying, thieving bastards out there that seem to enjoy taking advantage of people... well, let's just say they're not going to be very happy. Call Andre Miller, Darren. There are always options.

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