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I am a 52 year old Army vet that works full time and attends college pursuing my masters part time.I really noticed something wrong at just over a year ago,I assumed that I felt shitty because I had been recently diagnosed to be diabetic.I began the Keto diet and began hitting the gym hard and even though my AIC numbers were going down the symptoms remained tired,low drive,ed,and over all fogginess.I got tested and my T numbers were really low my doc said my insurance would cover the meds for 200 mg twice a month and I thought that was what I was supposed to be taking.After almost a year on test my numbers only increased by 24 points and that's when I discovered Sam's videos on Youtube.His videos were a lifesaver because I finally understood what the hell was going on and what to do about it.I realized I was not taking near enough test and my insurance would not cover the complete protocol with A and HCG.So in Feb after doing some research with the help of Sam's videos I cancelled my insurance program used the two vials of T from the program,I ordered the A and HCG from Purerawz and signed up with Entourage.Entourage was a little weird because they never seemed to be in the office but I sent them the 120 for labs and got them done at a Lab Corp right around the corner from where I live.Like so many others that's when the crazy started.I got my lab results,sent them to Entourage and got a response back stating at first the office was closed until April 2 due to a family emergency,than I got a refund notice for my first months supplies and was told that Entourage would not be able to take on any new clients,than the next day I received an email saying the company had closed its doors.I was saddened about Entourage because as a vet I thought they were doing great work for the community and my money was going towards a company trying to address the real needs surrounding PTSD not because they were the cheapest. I was frustrated and confused but Sam sent out a video about Royal and their 10% discount offer,with labs in hand I contacted Royal and Marc stated that because I had already had my lab work they were willing to do 150.00 for the first month and I assumed 176.00 going forward.I sent over the lab work results from Lab Corp and just like with Entourage the story began to change.I got an acceptance email from Royal with the next steps but the fee was set up at 195.00 no mention of the 176.00 or the 150.00 offer as before.I emailed Marc and he stated that the Lab Corp test were unreliable even though per his email they were the same set of tests that I had taken at Entourage less than a week prior.While all this was going down Sam released two videos one concerning what happened with Entourage and one stating what was going on with Royal and that the discount was going away.I reached out to Marc again and he stated that the discount was still in place but that Royal and Sam were trying to hash out the details of how it would work going forward.I responded to Marc by saying please forward me the next steps details with the discounts and I am ready to move forward.That was on Wed and today is Fri and Royal has ghosted me and all of the videos have been removed from Sam's website and from Youtube. I sought out Entourage and Royal because I trusted Sam,I believed that he had vetted these companies and as he stated his mission was to have a no nonsense understanding of TRT and HRT that normal people like myself could understand.Royal led me to believe that Sam was profiting from their relationship and when that went South so did their desire to work with his people which is why as of today I am stuck with no clue what to do next and hundreds of dollars poorer.I can not rejoin my shitty insurance program for 6 months since I cancelled it,Entourage is no more,and Royal isn't returning my emails but I see Sam the entrepreneur left up the video about starting his own TRT clinics.I have no problem with anyone making a dollar,this world was built on the hustle but at least acknowledge your mistakes when you make them and offer solutions to fix them so that the people that trusted you don't get left holding the bag when things go wrong is all that I ask.

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