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Great to hear you are interested Sam. A quick clarification in my earlier post. About it being not worth the expense, I was referring to participating in the Steve Perry's study. $1700 out of the gate, plus expenses for tests and then another $600 for the GDF11 which they don't even supply for you. Anyway, I've made some notes from Steve's talk to share: Side effects: insomnia is the only thing we see now. Over dosing: gerd shortness of breath skin inflamation extreme over dosing: muscle wasting They have the dosing quantities down to a science so over dosing is a moot point if you follow the guidelines. Dosing: picogram is trillionth of a gram. dose to reset stem cells. 500 a day for 30-45 days. then take a break. then maintenance dose. comes out to 15,000 - 22,500 over 30-45 days. 30-40 thousand required for smoker. Less required for athlete. Amy Waffers figured out that GDF11 is something we need to look at. Benefits: Skin elasticity after 4-14 months. Cognitive function improves sight, hearing, and smell. glycation hypertension arterial stiffness reduced 37%. Anti-aging for the heart Regenerative tissues Parabiosis tissues expressing young phenotypes Aging of the heart is reversed muscle, skin improvements, reaction time. anti hoarding behavior reverses macular degeneration. linings of arteries and veins repaired. resting pulse down 7% improves overall fitness and youthfulness. root mean squared of HRV up 22% improved insulin production BioMarkers (Cheap): Blood pressure goes down. Pulse goes down. HRV (Heart rate variability) should go up and reaction time to go down. HRV is available via smart phone app. hearing test...can take with your phone. Progenitor cells. hand grip up 9.8% waking glucuse decreased 9%. (required pin prick blood) BioMarkers (Expensive): Physio age. T-Cells discover new pathogens. They decline with age. Go from 36 to 68. Augmentation pressure. Measures arterry wall stiffness. You want it to go down. C reactive protein skin elasticity lengthens telomeres Misc: Anti aging effect is more dramatic and clear with pets like cats and dogs. GDF11 was given to old mice. Joining young mice to old mice was partly what led to the discovery of GDF11

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