Reply To: Purerawz Anastrozole

Also, you had a question about how to measure your liquid anastrozole. Be sure to shake the bottle very well. If this is the bottle you have (40ml which is 1mg/ml). If this is what you have, to take .25 mg you would use a 1ml oral syringe and draw up to the 2.5 line. If there is no 2.5 line you would go half-way between 0 and 5. Taking this dosage should last you 160 times. If taking .25mg twice per week that would last you 80 weeks. One thing I always do whenever getting something new not from the pharmacy is to take a much smaller dose to make sure my body doesn’t react negatively to it. Then if all is well I use the normal dosage the next time around. You might not even need it twice per week. Everyone is different and you will learn to know your body and when your estrogen level is too high. You for sure don’t want to let your estrogen go too low since that will make you feel bad, have no sex drive, achy joints, mood, etc.

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