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Sorry to hear about your problems! I might not understand your post completely, but let me try and help. If you still have the anastrozole script you can call and check the 1mg tablets cash price at Costco and also try checking to find the cheapest pharmacy in your area. If you only have a couple of weeks of testosterone left, you do need to find a new Doctor. I use Defy Medical in Tampa, FL but they can do telemedicine in all 50 states without any issues. If you already have your blood work done and it’s not older than 3 months they can use that. I started a post in the forum for defy medical under clinics and listed out the prices. The initial doctor visit is what is expensive at $250 I believe, but the testosterone is not too bad if you buy 15 ml of it. That would last you 15 weeks if you are prescribed 200mg/ml test per week. I am sure the other clinics are also good, but I can only speak about Defy since I have experience with them. 7 years ago, I spent one year with low and was charged $200 for everything. The problem with that is I was committed to spending $2400 per year and they want to not order too much bloodwork, etc. for you since that is money out of their pockets. I feel that I don’t spend anywhere near that per year with Defy medical when it’s all said and done.

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