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Midnight, I got my test results back from Entourage from Lab Corp and my test was at 311 with a range of 264-916 so that was low.My free test was at 8.5 with a range of 7.2-24.0 so that was also low.My Estadiol was at 18.6 with a range of 8.0-35.0 so I guess that was in the middle.My health insurance only covered the test script and not the A so I cancelled it and signed up for Entourage,I ordered the A from Purerawz to use with the two weeks I had left from my original script but yesterday when I tried to reach Entourage first I got an email saying the office would be closed until April 2 and than I got an email saying they would not be adding anymore patients for the Low T program and it even disappeared from their website which really puts me in a bind because I can not resign up for my insurance covered plan for 6 months since I cancelled it from my options plan.Now I am not sure what I am going to do after paying Entourage 120.00 for the lab work I dont have an extra 200-250 a month to pay for the test I need.This has been a shitty experience all the way around. Darren

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