Reply To: Purerawz Anastrozole

Midnight thanks for the assistance.I am taking Sam's advice and switching to Entourage I had my lab work done by Lab Corp last week but I have not gotten the results back.My insurance covered the test but not the A so I never had a script for it that's why I ordered it through Purerawz but like with everything from them there were no guidelines or instructions.In the case of Entourage the A is included I think in pill form so going forward I wont need the liquid form but I thought I would try and use it first since I purchased it with my HGH.I should have my results in a day or so and will post those and I will also talk it over with my Entourage rep since I am still confused by the conversion chart I am not sure how to measure out .25 mg using the dropper or the insulin syringe. Darren

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