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Good point Travis. He could have crashed his metabolism. When I started with my diet coach, I was eating 2,500 calories a day and getting nowhere. Shelby took me to 4,000 calories and I started losing weight... counter intuitive for sure, but it happened. Then he started backing me down after a couple of weeks, cutting carbs out as the weeks went on. Got me from 317 pounds down to about 280 where I am today. His explanation was that I had slowed my metabolism down so much that my body was hoarding every calorie I put in it (I'm paraphrasing of course). I had tried every diet known to man and all I did was yo-yo for YEARS. I'm going to keep preaching it, even if nobody listens to me... HIRE A PROFESSIONAL to help you learn how your body reacts to foods. Or don't. And if you choose not to, then just accept it and enjoy life... eat what you want. But constantly feeling defeated because you can't lose weight... that's not good for your body, your confidence, etc. I know because that's how I felt for at least a decade of my life. Long story short... you might be eating too few calories Mark. And you could be eating the wrong types of food on top of that. I think we can both agree that something is wrong here. Because there's no reason you shouldn't be dropping weight.

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