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Sven has recently been using Viking Nectar more as a maintenance compound over a fat loss compound. Calorie restriction is definitely not Sven's "Thing", so he finds he can be far less stringent on his diet when he takes Viking Nectar (VN). Now, if he were to want to lose weight, VN would be a valuable asset. If it can keep Sven from gaining weight in a caloric surplus (he pretty much eats whatever the hell he wants to eat), then it would certainly help him lose weight in a caloric deficit. HOWEVER... your diet is still the First element in this equation. No compound will help if you're not putting the appropriate nutrients in your body, in the appropriate quantities. There is no magical solution... dieting sucks ass and you will feel pain if you want to lose weight. Especially for us guys that can even get to 19% body fat... we like to eat. That's how we got to 19% body fat in the first place. So if you can do it on your own... go for it. If you've struggled with weight loss in the past, hire a local diet coach or use Shelby Starnes, the guy I have listed on my website. I can't stress enough how much it's worth the money.

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