Reply To: HGH injection site irritation…

UPDATE... I alot of research about site injection issues and found that sometimes it's just your bodys initial reaction and over time your body will get used to it. So heres my results Week 1 no issues Week 2 and 3 quarter sized redness and hardening of skin and super itchy at injection site. would take 3-6 days for each to disappear. Week 4 all symptoms started to deminish in size and itchyness started to go away(at this point I believe any itching I did have was in my cause it was only when I thought about it) Week 5 no redness no itching only a small bump under the skin that disappears in a day or 2 I believe my body is getting used to it and everything is on track. I'm seeing results and everything thats happened so far has been bearable. Thank you Sam for helping me out along the way and offering any help I needed

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