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Hey Myno, I was reading your posts and wanted to let you know i recently ordered two bottles of bpc157 10ml. My hamster had horrible issues with its elbows and could no longer do the things he use to do. From the very first day of injecting near the problem area the relief came. It’s now been 3 weeks I believe give it take one and his elbows are 98% healed. I have read that the TB500 works well with bpc but didn’t try it. I also wanted to let you know there’s a delay when using PayPal on purerawz for some reason so next time I’d make a Venmo account and order that way. My payments usually post that day or the next and it takes exactly 1 week to get my product and I’ve ordered 4 different times now. Hopefully this helps you out. Good luck with the healing.

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