Reply To: Therapeutic Phlebotomy

I had a problem at the Blood Center at one of there locations. The 3 ladies were flat out rude about the whole thing and denied me from donating. One kept screaming "Do you know babies get this blood!" Im sure that being a true statement I dont get why they dont mark the blood donation as a testosterone male donor and use it for older males only. Im honest on my questionaire as I dont want someone in a life and death situation to die because i lied. I just really have a hard time understanding why they are so negative about it when again they could mark the bags. I went to another Blood Center location and they were happy I was there. They even said they approached the Low T center to send guys thier way for donations. Kevin Hicks.... you must have balls as big as wagon wheels to attempt that yourself. Hell No!! For me. I can stick needles in myself no problem, but when a needle comes near a vein i get all weak and light headed. I hate having to donate blood.....

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