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(Change of Name from Fer1805 to Myno) Thank you all for your reply. I've never purchased any peptide for my hamster before. I was not confident at all, but after reading other's experience on this post it gave me some level of confidence. I just placed an order on TB500, BPC 157 and the bacterio static water. This order will be shipped to Australia as my hamster has been assigned to the Austrlian Lab. I'm paying using paypal ~ as per the payment instructions I have to email "" to obtain their paypal email which I did. BUT I received a returned email indicating doesn't exist. I assume that given they change the site name to (without the "m") hence the email address is, which I re emailed them and haven't got a error ~ yet. Hope this is the updated and correct email. I'm waiting for that email with payment details. I'll keep this post updated for the benefit of those new clients. Regards, Myno

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