Reply To: Terminology (Noob Question)

Hi Gary. We were all Noobs at one time so it’s not a big deal. With most steroids or SARM’s, you have a length of time it’s safe to take the compound. If you take something too long, it can create negative health benefits. So there’s usually an agreed upon period of time you’ll stay on something before stopping, waiting, and then getting back on if you want to. This is the definition of a “Cycle”. Let’s say your hamster was doing RAD 140. A safe cycle is 12 weeks. Therefore, you’d run him 12 weeks on the compound and then he’d stop. It works different for different people, but a safe rest period is the same amount of time you were on the compound. Some think that’s overkill, but let’s pretend it’s not. So you’d wait 12 weeks before going back on another RAD 140 Cycle. You’d run that for another 12 weeks, and repeat or stop altogether.

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