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My experience with Viking Nectar so far... i started out at 2 ius and now take 3 ius and have been on for roughly a little over a month. After showering today i noticed in the mirror these small "liverspots" have disappeared. I started getting these little small brown patches here and there in my 40's (49 now). I also noticed a buddy of mine was getting them as well. Ive allways heard them called "liverspots" or "age spots". They bothered me as ive allways had good skin. I would definitely say the Viking Juice is working. Since going to 3 ius ive also been burning more fat. Im not sure if that aspect just started to kick in or upping to 3 ius started that or a combo of the both. Im still in the infancy of taking the viking nectar, but if im seeing results allready, I cant wait till the 4,5,6 month mark. Ive also upped my TRT dose from 200mg a week to 800mg week since it appears the viking nectar is doing its thing. The only negative is my blood sugar which i monitor closely. This week a few times in the morning on a fasted state it has been high by 1-5 points over 100. I administer 2ius around 4-5 am and take a blood sugar reading around 7am which may be making the level go high as throughout the day my levels are normal. Also taking magnesium,potassium and milk thistle supplements to combat blood pressure rising and blood sugar levels. One more note was when i changed from 2ius to 3ius a should have gone from 2ius to 2.5 ius to 3ius as I bloated like a dead fish and also got the carpal tunnel syndrome in the hands as well. Took potassium and dandelion root with drinking lots of water and the bloat was gone next day. I give the Viking Gods 2 thumbs up so far.

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