Reply To: Need A Legitimate Source for Steroids

Do not order from behemoth labz right now. Dont know whatsup with them. Just got a order like usual. Except this time they actually sent all my stuff. Only problem is the rad 140 looks to have a live organism in it or some kind of black sludge, something I wouldn't give to my worst enemy to take. And I just ordered two packs of tablets both are the exact same tablets in different bags. Like are you fr. The clomid is green the noopept is the same and so is the trenavar. Why would I believe their different compouds if they're literally the exact same tabs... waiting to hear back from them I'm pissed. I order from them like once a month and it's never been like this. They make mistakes like everyone, but behemoth labz you really dropped the ball on this one...

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