Reply To: Roids and Longevity

Once you start at your age you can probably count on taking testosterone for the rest of your life. But at 30-40 you probably need testosterone replacement anyway.... if you are going to do this, then stick with a simple Testosterone (cypionate or enanthate). Blood work is a must before starting, during and after! You need someone to help you decipher/understand the bloodwork as well. Diet is a must and not eating like a normal 22 year old. Alcohol doesnt mix in this equation as well. Everything you try to build it works against... not saying every once in while have a good time, but all the time and every weekend is not good. And especially while taking any gear. Make sure you are aware and understanding the proper dosages and ways to administer without harming yourself. Dont just take somebodys word for it. This is your body and only you will suffer, not them. Research all you can before you start. You have a bonus (the internet) to help get information. Some of us didnt have that, but dont trust all you hear on the net as well. Use what you think is sensible. Another is to make sure you are getting real/quality gear.... which is a task itself. Purchase testing kits to see of they seem remotely real (roid test is one and there is another i cant remember). Remember at your age a LITTLE testosterone will go along way.... you dont need to stack anything else. Testosterone is all you need if you are doing this. Another thing is take and understand your Blood Pressure! Take your BP daily at multiple times a day. Record those blood pressures! Also buy a glucose monitor kit and monitor your glucose in morning when fasted and later in the day. Learn what should be normal on these testings. If you thought just buying some gear and taking it was all you gotta do..... thats wrong and will lead to bad things. Be smart, learn all you can about what you are going to do before doing it.

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