Reply To: Best path to recovery after 2 shoulder surgeries in 8 months

Also, I've been running bpc157, but still need to get tb500. I have a big order coming from purerawz(and am getting ready to order the hgh from your set up)with 3 10 ml bottles of bpc157 along with other goodies-speakong of, I have a 100ml bottle of epitalon in it. Can you tell me how much bacterio water it takes to reconstitute it, and how you ran it? Finally, yesterday I turned a friend of mine on to you(he was a green beret in Viet Nam, and despite all the injuries and exposure to agent O, is STILL one of the toughest guys I know), and you impressed the heck out of him. He has been binge watching your vids, and may attempt to purchase ALL your hgh. Please don't let him.

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