Reply To: Hgh

I noticed the anti-aging benefits at 1.5 IU’s after about 3 months. In 6 months it was great. So lower doses for anti-aging seem to work fine. Moving to higher doses, you get far more assistance with weight control. Like I can eat stuff I definitely shouldn’t and I still don’t gain weight. Recovery! I recover so fast on 6 IU’s. Like I said, I can do full body workouts every other day... brutal 2 to 3 hour workout sessions and I’m fully recovered after one day of rest. Now about every 2 weeks I’ll give myself an extra day of recovery, but I go 7 days a week. Cardio and abs on the days in between my weight lifting days. So it all depends on your goals. If you want to grow... 4 to 6 IU’s. If you want just the anti-aging properties with decent weight control, around 2 IU’s. Fat loss... if you’re not disciplined (like me) you’re going to have to go with a few extra IU’s to compensate for your lack of willpower.

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