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Another thing, I may just try to go through an online hormone clinic/wellness center. It seems like it would be cheaper in the long run anyway. Testosterone bloodwork is $70 a pop, and I'd need to get one of those every cycle at this rate just to confirm what the compound is. The roidtest kits are $25 plus $15 shipping (So i just ordered several last time cause I knew I was going to test multiple sites.) So by the time you get 2 tests to test your tesosterone & Arimidex (65$), Bloodwork to test potency ($70), then your 10 week supply of gear aka 2 vials ($150), Arimidex ($40), you'll be looking at $325 for a 10 week supply... IF IT IS AS LABELED & DOSED PROPERLY Some YouTube influencers are advterising their doctors and they just consult with you over the phone, give you a script, and send you your gear via legal online pharmacy. Albeit they are expensive and won't take insurance. When I sent in email asking questions, it is a one time fee of $99 for initial consultation, then $270 for 10 weeks of your therapy, which I'm assuming means 1 vial of Test & Arimidex. My regular doctor prescribes me 200mg of TRT and 1mg of Arimidex a week and that usually combines to cost me $50 every 10 weeks. Bloodwork after every cycle and doctor visit twice a year not included. Unless yall have better luck than I... I may just try to do that, get double-scripted.

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