Reply To: Need A Legitimate Source for Steroids That is a link to the roidtest color guide. I used the testosterone kits, which include vials B & D. This next review will be of First off, buying couldn't have been easier with bitcoin. Second shipping was fast, and I recieved the 2 vials of Test E 300 in less than a week. I quickly administered a roidtest, and the oil quickly turned a VERY dark brown. Vial D went from a slight purple to dark purple over a few mins time, which is exactly what it was supposed to do. The Napsgear Test Cyp that test positive for prop seemed to turn purple MUCH faster though. After reviewing the chart, I personally thought it resembled more Drostanolone propionate... both in the much darker color and the note that Vial D would take longer to turn the dark purple than testosterone (just personal experience with how fast the test prop turned purple and the chart I listed says it takes 4-5 minutes instead of 2-3.) This got me questioning if I put too many drops in the vial (it said 3-5 and i think i put 6,) so I ran another test. I tapped vial B a few times to settle the testing substance, put 3 drops in this time, swirled it around a few times, and put top on this. This time it didn't turn as dark as fast, but after 8-10 seconds of watching it darken... again there was no way it was a tan color like is listed for Test E. This time it more resembled Test Cyp/Sust in color in my opinion, but the colors are so close it's honestly hard to tell. After 2 tests I'm still inconclusive of what compound is actually in the vial, but I'm confident it's not Test Enanthate. I ran 2 tests, and both came out noticably darker brown than what was supposed to be a light brown or tan color. The slower time to turn Purple def made me think it was Masteron, but the brown color did resemble Test Cyp or Sust 250 on the second test attempt. I guess now the only option is to use to it, and run my bloodwork to see where my testosterone dose is. Overall this place gets a slightly higher grade than Napsgear simply because shipping is so much faster. I'm giving it a 3.3 rating pending results of a blood test. I'm honestly starting to see just what you get buying from an underground pharmacy. The higher rated ones do actually send gear, but you just can't feel confident knowing what actual type they're sending you. Unless the blood tests show that it was Sust/Cyp and I have a higher than TRT dose of testosterone in my blood...likely won't be buying from here again either. Who fakes Testosterone E/C... I mean come on. Both Naps & AAS put something different in those vials. Those should be a staple of every dealer.

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