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First review will be of I recently finished up a cycle of 625mg of Geneza Test Cyp (which a buddy tested positive for Test Prop) and 300mg of Geneza EQ weekly. When bloodwork comes back I'll let you know how it looks. I have a feeling the dose was more along the lines of 250mg of Test, since the gear was Prop instead of Cyp. This new batch of gear that I received from Naps was Dragon Pharma Test Cyp 250 & Geneza EQ 200. The kits from roidtest verified that the Test Cyp was actually Test Prop, so I'm starting to doubt that Naps carries Test Cyp at all. The Geneza EQ matched the code from the website (although I know that can be faked as well), but the EQ tested positive for EQ (Boldenone). Napsgear takes a month or longer to receive your order. Both Geneza & Dragon Pharma Test Cyp has tested positive for Test Prop. Pending my blood test results, right now my review of Napsgear is a 3 out of 5 stars. A "meh" if you will. It takes a long time to receive your order. You likely won't get exactly what you order, but at least they aren't sending you straight up bunk gear. In my opinion, Naps gets bulk powder & then just fills a variety of vial brands with something similiar. Unless my bloodwork comes back severely underdosed, napsgear is a "meh" option if you can't find anything better. I'd just order Test Prop and plan accordingly in the future. However, if any of these other websites yield better results... I won't reorder with Naps ever again. For those who are determined to use naps, you can get 10% off with this code: was my next order. It has a very high trustpilot rating & ships domestic. Prices are high, but obviously worth it if it's legit. I ordered Anadrol & Test Cyp 250 from here to test it. 90% of everything on his site is out of stock. Like 9 of the 11 Test E & Test C options were out of stock, and when I selected the Test Cyp 250 it said I could only order 2 vials cause "supply was low." I got an email a day later that he couldn't complete order because he ran out of the Test Cyp. So this test will be put on hold for now. With the high prices and high trustpilot rating, I wanted to try this site. was suggested on here and it also has a high trustpilot review, so I placed an order. Tracking says it will be here within 2 days (5 since day of ordering). Ordering was easy with Bitcoin & shipping is fast, obviously domestic. I ordered the Beligas brand Test E 300. I will test it with the RoidKit as soon as it gets here and let yall know. If it tests positive, I will be using it and getting bloodwork done to see dosage.

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